About me

I’m a professional photographer and a digital marketing manager based in Rome, Italy.

I have a solid background in marketing and communication, therefore all my professional activity has always been focused on creating value for the customers, often passing through sensory and emotional stimulation. As a photographer, this attitude has led me to a continuous experimentation path, in order to create vibrant images and with a strong communicative impact.

Both for work and for my innate curiosity, I’ve had the chance to travel in all 5 continents and my passion for travels is well represented throughout all my photographic production.

In 2013 I also founded a website called marcorstock.com, a blog focused on the world of Microstock and Digital Photography, where I share my experiences and techniques with other aspiring stock photographers. I shoot mostly Nikon, and if you’re curious about my gear you can have a look at this page.

My photos are currently distributed by all major microstock agencies of the world and, naturally, available for download on this website, which was launched in 2017 as my professional showcase and main distribution platform for my works.

I am also a proud member of Symzio, a contributor run agency which promotes a sustainable and fair system of distribution for digital works. Find out more about the Symzio community of independent artists by clicking here.

My images featured on

During my career as a photographer, I’ve been honored to see my works used by many important companies worldwide for commercial or editorial purposes. Here you can see some of them. For a more comprehensive “behind the scenes” story of my best performing images, please visit this section of my blog.

Why buying here?

On this site you will find my works exactly the way they are supposed to be presented, with beautiful galleries, full screen previews and a simple scheme of options for buying them, without complicated subscription plans or credit packs usually offered by stock agencies. I benefit from getting 100% of the royalties for digital downloads, without sharing fees with an intermediary agency, while you have the chance to download just what you need for your creative projects and license the images directly from the author.

Secure payments are offered via PayPal, with the chance of an easy and safe way to pay since you do not need to provide any payment details on this site. Also credit cards are welcomed through the Paypal circuit, and no Paypal account is needed to proceed with your downloads.

Browse a selection of the best images in my portfolio by visiting the galleries, or use the search form in the store if you already know what you’re looking for.

Agency addicted?

Do you already have a subscription plan or credit packs active with a stock agency? Or do you simply feel more comfortable in buying from your preferred agency? No problem! Feel free to browse my porftolios published on all major international Microstock sites by clicking on the following links:


Prints, posters, canvas and cards

Underneath every commercial image in the store you will find links for buying prints, posters, canvas and cards made with that image. This service is provided by an integrated vendor called FotoMoto. You can find further informations about FotoMoto at this link.

Let’s keep in touch!

In case you need further information about my works or my licensing options, please feel free to drop me a message and I’ll be glad to answer as soon as possible. You can also follow me through my social media:


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